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Are you willing and able to start your work day by 5:30 a.m. if necessary?
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If offered a position, would you be willing to submit to a background check, to include a criminal background check and fingerprinting in accordance with Meagan's Law? (This may include you driving record.)

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Do you have access to reliable insured transportation to reach assigned locations?
Do you have a valid drivers license?
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Physical Requirements:

Are you capable of lifting 45 pounds?
This position requires that you are able to stand for long periods of time, often on wood or cement floors. Are you able to meet this requirement?

General Questions:

Working in Public:
Are you willing to work with the general public?
Have you ever been terminated from a job due to attendance problems?
Have you ever been formally disciplined for performance by an employer?
How many jobs have you had in the past 3 years?
Previous Employment:
Have you previously been, or are you currently, employed with another Lifetouch location or Company?
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Do you enjoy team activities?
We need a team player who will contribute to the group; who looks for opportunities to help the team without having to be asked. Do you care about the end result?
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Do you have a positive attitude?
We want you to be a motivator - engage with others positively. We will train and provide you with the tools to succeed. We depend on your willingness to contribute and desire to succeed - and we will ask this of you everyday. In return, we will ensure that you are equipped to succeed and grow - and reward you for your efforts.
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Many faces, many interactions:
Our staff generally leaves their homes to begin their work day between 5:30 am and 7:00 am. It may still be dark as you go on your way (but hey - you'll beat the traffic!). The usual drive time is between 30-60 minutes, for which you will be compensated. Upon arrival at the site, you will set-up the equipment and begin your interaction with our customers. A typical day will bring you in contact with 100 - 250 children.
Please give us your thoughts, comments or experiences when it comes to interacting with children.
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Everyday will be different. You will be at a new job site each day. You will meet a new group of people each day. You may be called upon, at the last minute, to change your schedule. This may be due to weather or an unforeseen event beyond our control. We will need you to be prepared to pitch in where and when your skills are needed. It is a very competitive environment today. We cannot afford to not be at our best - that means our company, and it means our employees.
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