Lifetouch is your best choice for your school's yearbook.



The Company

Lifetouch Publishing is a company well known in the scholastic marketplace for its capabilities in printing school memory books and yearbooks. Over 15,000 schools nationwide have chosen Lifetouch to be their publishing partners with more coming on board every day.


Our Commitment

All of us at Lifetouch publishing are committed to you and your yearbook! Being employee-owners, we are passionate about doing a great job for you because we all win when that happens! Pride in performance is what makes us different and puts us a significant step above our competitors.



Last year, Lifetouch produced more than 3.5 million books for customers all over the country! In order to be on the leading edge, we continually invest in digital technology to set new yearbook industry standards. You can rest assured your yearbook will be produced with the finest and most efficient equipment in the business.



Lifetouch Publishing is totally committed to the environment. All possible scrap paper is collected for recycling and silver is reclaimed from our photographic processes. Aluminum plates, plastics, and mylars are also recycled. This reduces costs, which are passed along to you.


Portrait Pages

As your school picture company, we will support all of your photo needs for the portrait section of your book. Whether it be die-cut prints alphabetically sorted in windowed sleeves, or a digital portrait section, complete with our pre-proof "FLASH" cards, Lifetouch can accommodate your needs. Lifetouch actually invented the first digital frame grabbing process and equipment in the school picture industry and has been successfully using the trademarked "No-Touch" system for over 7 years.


Photo Support

Because we are a school picture company, we pride ourselves in our photography experience. We will have on going photo workshops, working with the cameras at the school and teaching proper loading techniques, film usage, composition, instructional slide shows, and photo management. If your school is ready for digital candid photography, our experts can help you purchase the appropriate camera for publishing purposes using our nationwide buying power! We will also show you how to place a digital file on a layout page and the proper pre-press submission techniques.



We have the most generous deadlines in the business, with our first color deadline being Dec.1st. Final deadlines are based on the requested ship dates.



Lifetouch will provide you and your yearbook department with on-going workshops, scheduled to meet the needs of your school. We will train your staff on the computer skills needed to submit pages, plan the "page ladder" to co-ordinate the theme of your book, incorporate our vast selection of cover designs and end sheet choices into your program, and constantly help you to stay "on track" and meet the plant deadlines. We also offer a 3 day yearbook "camp" in August for advisors and students.